Fellows is a restaurant of the Maslow group, so obviously we share the same vision, the same values and the same desire to offer you an exciting job that also respects a real work/personal life balance. So with us, you will grow, learn (we hope a lot), develop, progress but also sleep, see your family, play sports… 🙂

How do we try to make your life cooler?

Constant effort for a minimum of cuts

Rapid internal developments

On December 24, December 25 and December 31 we close so that you can enjoy your loved ones

A 4 day week
(except for those responsible)

A co-optation bonus if we recruit someone from your entourage

The day of your birthday offered as a bonus

50% reduction once a year on your table at Maslow to invite whoever you want

€100 bonus for the birth of your child

1 free osteopathy session per quarter

A team event every month

A minimum of 4 training courses per year personalized according to your background and your development

Training on eco-responsibility in catering

One summer and one winter party per year

Payday advances made simple

Coffee and soft drinks offered all day when you work

What are we looking for to build our teams?

Strong, original, curious, energetic personalities, and sensitive to environmental issues who want to participate at the start of an adventure.

Recruitment positions